2022 HSC Highlights

Congratulations to our ever-resilient Class of 2022 students 鈥 what a year it鈥檚 been, and what amazing milestones you’ve reached!
Of our 51 students, four received scores in the 90鈥檚, including 2022 Dux, Harper Raverty. Harper received an outstanding ATAR score of 95.3 and attained State recognition on the NSW Distinguished Achievers List 鈥 receiving Band 6s in English Advanced, Music 1 and PDHPE. Her efforts during such a difficult time are truly commendable.
Hamish Smith attained an impressive ATAR of 91.95.
April Eeles attained an ATAR of 91.6 and was recognised on the Distinguished Achievers List with a Band 6 in PDHPE.
Emma Weiser attained an ATAR of 91.45, and featured on the Distinguished Achievers List with a Band 6 in English Extension 1.
Silas Kingma achieved an ATAR of 89.65, rounding out the top 5 ATAR results.
A very special mention goes to Year 11 HSC student, Brodie Jardine who achieved First in Course (first in NSW) for VET Tourism, Travel and Events!
We celebrate these achievements along with the students and their families; and acknowledge the commitment of all of the Class of 2022 students, supported by their dedicated teachers throughout the major obstacles of COVID-19 and major flooding over the past two years. We are very proud of you all!