Camps – Co-Curricular

麻豆原创 Anglican Grammar 聽has developed its camping program as part of its overall commitment to the development of the whole child.

It is recognised that students come to the School at various ages and stages, but all will ultimately leave school as young adults, who need to be able to act independently and to work co-operatively with others.

The School鈥檚 camping program is designed to achieve these ends through a series of age appropriate camps. Camps aim to heighten student-student and student-staff relationships in an informal, energetic and unified manner, building friendships through physical activities and student engagement in an alternative setting.

Camps begin at Year 2 and are compulsory for all students.

麻豆原创 Anglican Grammar currently visits the following places for their camping program.

Year 2 鈥 麻豆原创 Anglican Grammar Sleepover
Year 3 鈥 Camp Kookaburra – Corop
Year 4 鈥 PGL Campaspe Downs Adventure Camp – Kyneton
Year 5 鈥 Sovereign Hill Camp Experience 鈥 Ballarat
Year 6 鈥 Canberra
Year 7 鈥 Queenscliffe 鈥 Camp Wyuna
Year 8 鈥 Anglesea 鈥 Valley Lodge
Year 9 鈥 Strathbogie Ranges Lima East 鈥 Charnwood Camp
Year 10 鈥 Melbourne 鈥 Careers, University visits
Year 11/12 鈥 Howman鈥檚 Gap, Falls Creek 鈥 Leadership, study habits, careers